Study In Ukraine and Cyprus

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Admission 2023-2024 is open in Ukraine and Cyprus

All foreign students are welcome to study in Ukraine and Cyprus.
You can apply with Maghreb Dirassa.

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Our Services

We provide foreign students with the necessary information regarding Ukrainian universities under the country’s higher education system. We give services starting from the time you inquire about Ukrainian universities. The assistance we provide can last until the end of your educational program of two to six years. Listed below are some other services that we offer. They are not exclusively for the benefit of international students who desire to take advantage of the Study in Ukraine opportunities.
- Elaborate knowledge regarding the various Ukrainian higher educational institutions.
- Processing of educational documents necessary for entering a selected university under a chosen field of specialization.
- Assistance in processing the visa support and admission letters coming from the desired Ukraine university.
- Help in acquiring life and health insurance.
- Welcoming the foreign students by the time they arrive at the international airport and assisting them to their selected university and their temporary residence.
- Help in the accommodation of the foreign students.
- Support in registering and documenting the student under the desired academic institution.
- Help in making a bank account and transmitting electronic mails and necessary facsimiles.
- Assistance in handling academic matters during the entire education period; help in consulting with instructors, other students and university heads.
- Transferring the foreign students to another university and processing of related documents.
- Regular communication with parents about the educational progress and current behaviours of their children.
- Help regarding the students’ guardianship during their academic stay in Ukraine.
You simply have to contact us immediately if you are interested in the services we offer.
Offered Services for Facilitating Your Further Education in Ukraine and Cyprus
The services we offer encompass job training, new international students, their parents and related groups. The various services we offer fall under the three classifications of pre-admission assistance, smooth arrival and post-enrolment support.
Pre-admission assistance
We perform an expense-free pre-assessment application service. We will closely coordinate with your application of admission into an accredited Ukrainian university. We will assist in your acquisition of the needed official invitation letter and visa support letter from your selected university.
Smooth arrival
We will support you in getting your immigration clearance. We will facilitate your smooth airport reception and eventual travel to your desired academic institution. We will assist your general registration into your university and arrange your accommodation. We will ensure that you have your visa and that you will get registered on time.
Post-enrolment support
We will facilitate your attainment of a general orientation. We will facilitate the setting up of your bank account while you are staying in the country. We will conduct various activities to ascertain that you will have a convenient academic life. We will provide you with whatever support we can to make you a very efficient student.